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  • TBD
    TBD  4 weeks back

    U like everything

    • Almightyking 13
      Almightyking 13  1 months back

      that dealer is a liar he said that through 2011-2016 dodge made good cars that is not true at all. see i know about cars and dodge dont make good cars and then with that many miles u have i wish i was there to stop u. u should have just gotten a kia or a hyundai because 73k miles is bad mileage to buy a dodge at because at like 100k miles they tend to run into a lot of costly engine failures so good luck with your dodge.

      • Almightyking 13
        Almightyking 13  1 months back

        @Everything_E cool

      • Everything_E
        Everything_E   1 months back

        WOW! I do wish I would have known that. I'll make sure next time I'm purchasing a car to ask y'all fist since I don't know that much about cars. I appreciate you telling, so I can look out for stuff while I have this one!

    • Alonzo Jackson
      Alonzo Jackson  1 months back

      Salesman: " Every car manufacturer made good cars after 2011 "

      Me: looking at all the lawsuits Ford got for the Fiesta and Focus 2011-2016 LOLLLLL

      • T Bradley
        T Bradley  3 months back

        Love it younger ppl being financially realistic 💪🏾

        • shai.loves.tacos
          shai.loves.tacos  3 months back

          love how quick you got out the Volt when you realized it was electric 😂😂😂

        • Genesis G 90
          Genesis G 90  3 months back

          10:01 I love those fiestas!

          • Genesis G 90
            Genesis G 90  3 months back

            7:39 I’m a car person and I agree with the sales man.

            • Roy robinson jr
              Roy robinson jr  4 months back

              I came very close to buying me a and informing 2013 dodge dart gt limited it was all black and cause at that time I didn't have my license yet they ended up selling it my guy told me to call em first chance I get when I got my d.l but after calling kia car dealership he done sold it to someone else and I for one don't want to be driving my 97 Toyota camry the rest of the year therefor my question to you is is CarMax really good helping people to find what they need and want for a good low budget price?

              • Almightyking 13
                Almightyking 13  1 months back

                umm about carmax i would not suggest going there because carfax sells cars that used to be rentals so people used to drive those cars crazy,go on trips and run up the miles and when they would crash the cars and stuff carmax would just fix it and put the car back out there for it to happen again so no dont buy a car from carmax.

              • Everything_E
                Everything_E   4 months back

                First, I am sorry that you weren't able to get the car you wanted but that just means there is something better suited for you and you haven't discovered it yet. & I would say yes to CarMax because I have friends that received their car from there and it is still in perfect condition. Plus, they give you the history of the car you are buying so you know if it had prior issues or has new work done to it. They have really affordable prices. It's not too high to purchase and not to low that it would make it suspicious. I hope this helped! Let me know if you have further questions !

            • Lonely_Man
              Lonely_Man  4 months back


              • Daniel Kaz
                Daniel Kaz  4 months back

                I love shopping for car 🚗

                • Latavia Myers
                  Latavia Myers  8 months back

                  Hello, I have a couple questions about getting a car with auto nation do you have a email, where I can ask ?

                  • Everything_E
                    Everything_E   7 months back

                    Sorry for the late response! I haven't made an email for my youtube yet, but you can DM on IG:Everythingg_e I would be happy to answer your questions! I also have a Q&A about my car and the process on my channel if that will help you too.

                • Jaise Kelly
                  Jaise Kelly  8 months back

                  U were roastin yourself the whole time. "I cant afford this. U think i can afford it"

                  • Everything_E
                    Everything_E   4 months back

                    LMAO idk why I do that to myself! But thats how I honestly think some times lol

                • P.H.A.T African
                  P.H.A.T African  10 months back

                  I got rid of my dart I bought it brand new and I was in the shop every 3 months. I loved the actual car though I miss her..

                  • Everything_E
                    Everything_E   10 months back

                    Girl same smh. In my Q&A, I talk about some of the issues I had to deal with after my purchase. I had a few hiccups but for the most part she is running perfect now! Thank you so much for watching! Hope you stay tuned!!

                • Alyssa L
                  Alyssa L  11 months back

                  I love that dodge! How much did you have to put down for it and how is your insurance? Congrats :)

                  • `nia
                    `nia  5 months back

                    Everything_E yea , did they pull credit and did you pay any dealerships fees?

                  • QueenOf2
                    QueenOf2  7 months back

                    @Everything_E damn $1000 aint bad and the miles and price on the car aint bad either..Do they pull credit to decide on your downpayment?

                  • Alyssa L
                    Alyssa L  11 months back

                    Everything_E thank you! And no problem! One more question haha, did you have to pay a dealership fee or anything? Or was it just the down payment. I subscribed btw😄

                  • Everything_E
                    Everything_E   11 months back

                    I put down $1000 and my insurance is about $220 a month. I went with Progressive, if that helps you! Thank you so much for watching!!!